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Distribution Day
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Distribution Day

CANCELLATION OF OPEN DISTRIBUTION of supplies. Distribution will NOT be held at Chinook Middle School as planned for 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic . However, supplies will be given to Thurston school districts to distribute to students in need. If you are in need of supplies for your children, please contact your school in September 2021.

The following may change for the 2021 distribution, depending on Covid-19 guidelines in August and 2021.

FREE distribution of supplies and coats will take place XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Upon arrival, each family receives a number and gets an approximate time for admission. Each child will be able to choose a backpack filled with school supplies (based on individual school lists), and a gently used or new coat, socks and underwear. Families should plan on spending several hours as the event is usually crowded.

Any items not distributed on Distribution Day may be provided to Thurston County Students through similar community agencies in Thurston County.

The supplies and available coats or jackets is spread throughout the day. It's impossible to predict how many people will show up but based on recent yearís turnout there should be supplies all day.

Camping out at the school will NOT gain an advantage to getting supplies. In fact camping on the school grounds is illegal. At 7:55 am we will distribute numbers for admittance. If you receive a high number you can come back later and be let in when you arrive as long as they have gotten to your number!

Donít be surprised if there is a line but we have made every effort to have the basic school supplies you will need.

No proof of financial need is required. We all trust if your family is coming to ask for help that you need it.

Each student will receive the appropriate school supplies, a new or used backpack, and we hope, a new or gently used coat, and new socks and underwear.

A shuttle bus may be provided from North Thurston High School during the morning hours.

Various local agencies that help families will have booths outside the commons with information on their programs. They will have referral information to help you with other issues, ex. rent, medical bills, etc. You may need to contact the Thurston-Mason Counties Crisis Clinic at 360-586-2800 for information and assistance.

LRS only distributes school supplies & coats this one day.

Unfortunately, the distribution day is for children enrolled in Thurston County schools only. If you know a family who may need help, please let them know!

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